Booking a trip for 2020? Rebooking? Either way weŽll do our best to impress you
The El Monte team is ready to show the best in terms of bird hunting in a setting like Argentina of old. High-volume doves, incredible pigeon flyways and decoyed pigeons in this huge almost new agricultural area in Argentina. We trust youŽll share our excitement when you see it.
An experience! for Shooters & Non-Shooters
Quality non-shooting activities to squeeze in. Hike or horseback ride at Comechingones Hills; visit local silversmiths, artisans, weavers, and artists; day tour in Merlo with lunch included local restaurants; learn local recipes with the head chef or tour a prime olive oil plantation and factory just 10 minutes from lodge.
Mauricio and Belen who are part of the El Monte staff, are excellant musicians and singers who will treat guests to a wonderful evening of live music around the campfire or fireplace.
Jewels, Olive Oil, Weavers & more to do at El Monte Lodge
ThereŽs more than reading by the fire for non-shooting guests while shooters enjoy their days out in the fields. Silversmith Jeremias Cozzani, weaver Alba and Olium - premium extra virgin olive oil factory and plantation are some among the many attractions in the area. Hostess Maria Alberdi & staff are guiding and helping guests all through their stay at El Monte Lodge.
Young artist, Emaus Miciu invites our guests to enjoy his new Art Gallery in the town of Merlo.
For more information please visit www.impresionista.com.ar
What a bonus for our non-shooting guests!!